Platinum HCM

Find and bring on your new hire easily and seamlessly with PlatinumHCM. No more printing, scanning, or emailing forms, or trying to keep track of onboarding packets for multiple employees. Now, your employees can complete, sign, and submit new hire paperwork digitally. With our secure platform, job applicants and new employees can safely upload sensitive information. You can track the onboarding process of all employees in an easy-to-use dashboard. Our PlatinumHCM Onboarding process meets all the requirements, so you stay compliant with state and federal laws. Save time and money when you team up with My Payroll Office with our digital applicant tracking and onboarding service!

We provide the tools and resources you need to create a thriving workplace for your employees. From bringing on great talent, to remaining compliant with the changing laws, we are your partner for all payroll, HR, and timekeeping needs! Plus every client has access to our award-winning HR library full of information and tools. You can trust My Payroll Office to keep you updated on the latest HR laws and news. Have the power of an entire HR department without the extra burden of managing it. That’s the value of My Payroll Office!

Bringing on the right people is important. Turnover is costly and productive employees bring value to your company. Hiring, onboarding, and other HR processes are indispensable for the success of your business.

With our PlatinumHCM Applicant Tracking and  Onboarding, you can get back to business and get your employees working faster than ever before. Keep your business growing and take advantage of our streamlined services! As a partner you can trust, My Payroll Office is your onboarding solution!

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